Breakfast Breakfast – fresh and healthy

A recipe for happiness

It's quite possible that your breakfast may last longer than usual here. We do more than you could imagine so that breakfast with us tastes better than at home: every morning, we wake up with the rooster, cut fresh fruit into colorful slices, arrange Zillertal hay milk cheese on a tray, and offer succulent ham along with smoked bacon from our own hunting.

We bake our bread ourselves according to a traditional recipe. We make sure that it is hot and fresh from the oven so that our farmhouse butter melts deliciously on it. Our ZillerSasons coffee blends smell of almond, blueberry, or caramel. We have personally selected fair-trade beans of exclusive varieties and had them roasted by the Wildkaffee roasting house. Watch out - you will be hooked after the first sip!

DasPosthotel organic breakfast

  • Freshly baked bread from the oven
  • (Whole grain) baked goods from the bakery
  • Zillertal dairy products
  • Homemade organic jams from fruits that we pick ourselves
  • Honey that we have collected ourselves
  • Delicious cheese, succulent ham, and savory sausage
  • Fresh organic fruit rich in vitamins
  • Variety of fruit juices
  • Freshly squeezed orange and vegetable juice
  • Eggs directly from the Aigner organic farm - fried eggs or scrambled eggs with bacon upon request
  • various cereal
  • Exclusive coffee blends in all variations
  • Fine selection of organic teas by Sonnentor
  • Hot chocolate

TIP: Would you like to enjoy breakfast in bed? With an advance order, we are happy to serve breakfast in your suite. Late risers can enjoy a relaxed start to their day until 2:00 pm with a small business breakfast (cappuccino, pastry, and freshly squeezed orange juice).