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ZillerBlends and DasPosthotel homemade bread

Tried-and-true bread recipes and top coffee enjoyment

We claim that coffee is an essential part of our culture. In our search for the perfect coffee experience, we quickly realized that every step of the production process – from the selection of the bean to the brewing process – is equally important. In this way, we are accompanied by experts at every stage. With the tireless enthusiasm and support of Barista World Champion Goran Huber, we have created our own coffee blends. We tasted and tasted until the fruit and cocoa note of the espresso was just right and the taste of the “Verlängerter” coffee had just the right chocolate note. In the process, we also rediscovered the formerly popular filter coffee and worked on its apple and caramel note. And we are far from reaching the end of our struggle for achieving the highest possible coffee enjoyment.

*In barista competitions, the coffee masters must prepare four espressos, cappuccini, and signature drinks (their own creations) within 15 minutes. These will be evaluated by four taste judges, two technical judges, and a main judge according to taste, appearance, technique, and overall impression.

It all starts

with the bean...

It all starts with the bean. With his many years of experience, Leonhard Wild from "Wildkaffee" in Upper Bavaria selects the coffee beans of our ZillerBlends where they ripen and are harvested and buys whole bags of them directly from the farmers under fair conditions. The passionate coffee expert then roasts the vitamin-rich "stone fruits" by hand as gently as possible before they dry in the air for a long time.


Coffee enjoyment | Bar Luise | 5* DasPosthotel
Breakfast | á la carte | 5* DasPosthotel

...and becomes

liquid gold

The time interval plays a decisive role in this. Eight weeks after roasting, the beans reach their aromatic peak.

When they are lovingly prepared at the DasPosthotel and freshly ground with a brewing temperature of 92 - 95° C on our precious Slayer espresso machine (the first ever in Austria), we speak of liquid gold.

Look foward to the first sip!

What smells more appetizing than

bread in the hot oven?

ZillerSeasons bread | 5* DasPosthotel ZillerSeasons bread | 5* DasPosthotel

We claim that good, honest bread is an increasingly rare luxury food. In our lobby, which is adorned with a green tiled stove from the 17th century, we bake fresh bread every day: farmhouse bread and Guglhupf (similar to bundt cake). We make DasPosthotel bread according to our traditional house recipe. For today's demands, we only needed to refine the ingredients and processes of our ancestors a little.


organic rye and wheat

One of the secrets of why our bread tastes so hearty is the valuable ingredients such as the finest organic rye and wheat. It is used to make sourdough, which thrives splendidly in our good mountain air. These ingredients are gently processed with barley malt and salt, water from the Zillergrund, and sometimes also walnuts from our in-house baker. We then form a dough that is lovingly shaped and baked after it has matured for up to 24 hours. The Guglhupf is our favorite: moist but not greasy, fluffy but not inflated. That's how it should be. How does it work? Prepare the dough very slowly. Just like 100 years ago, when there were no mixers.

Let yourself be tempted! 

ZillerSeasons bread | 5* DasPosthotel