Bread & Coffee The ZillerBlends and DasPosthotel homemade bread

Proven bread recipes and premium coffee pleasure

We claim that coffee is an essential component of our culture and that genuine homemade bread is a luxury food. While searching for the best coffee, it soon became clear to us that each step of production – from the selection of beans to the brewing process – is equally important. We were accompanied through each stage by experts with the goal of creating the perfect coffee. With endless enthusiasm and the support of world champion barista* Goran Huber, we have created our own coffee blends. We worked and persevered until the hints of fruit and cocoa in the espresso were subtle enough and the taste of the "Verlängerter" had just the right amount of chocolate flavor. In the process of creating our blends, we also rediscovered the previously popular filtered coffee and perfected its hints of apple and caramel.

Everything begins with the bean. Leonhard Wild of "Wildkaffee" selects the coffee beans for our ZillerBlends on-site with his years of experience and expertise. He visits coffee plantations and purchases beans under fair conditions directly from the farmers. The passionate coffee roaster from Upper Bavaria personally roasts the vitamin-rich "stone fruit" as carefully as possible, before he allows them to air dry. The timing of roasting is crucial for making the perfect coffee. The beans reach their aromatic peak 8 weeks after roasting.

When they are then freshly ground in DasPosthotel, brewed with a temperature of 92 - 95°C, and lovingly prepared with the first Slayer Espresso in Austria, we are talking about pure liquid gold.

Go ahead and look forward to your first sip!

*With the barista competition, participants must prepare 4 espressos, cappuccinos, and signature drinks (their own creations) within 15 minutes. These will be rated by 4 taste judges, 2 technical judges, and 1 main judge based on taste, appearance, technique, and overall impression.

What smells more magnificent than bread fresh from the oven?

Each day, the smell of freshly baked treats wafts through our lobby with the green tile stove from the 17th century: farmhouse bread and "Guglhupf" (Bundt cake). Your nose and taste buds will be tempted over and over again by alluring natural aromas. DasPosthotel homemade bread is made according to a recipe we developed ourselves. We used the traditional recipe of our ancestors and simply refined it.

One of the secrets as to why our bread tastes so original and rustic is the high-quality ingredients such as the finest organic rye and wheat. From this, we produce sourdough, which is allowed to ripen for 24 hours. Dough fermentation then takes another 24 hours - barley malt and salt, sometimes walnuts, and water from the Zillergrund are carefully processed by our baker. After another long fermentation process, the dough is lovingly shaped and baked. Guglhupf is our absolute favorite: moist but not greasy and perfectly fluffy. Just how it should be. How is that possible? The dough is prepared very slowly, just as it was 100 years ago when there were no mixers.

Let yourself be tempted by the mouth-watering aromas!