Massages & beauty

A massage can work wonders ...

Beauty is an expression of holistic well-being. Give yourself the time to nurture, invigorate, and regenerate your body, mind and senses. With our body treatments, active herbal ingredients as well as traditional forms of application and massage techniques complement each other to create intensive, lasting experiences.

Our massages, beauty applications, and spa treatments can be found in our spa menu.

Our massages

and wellness treatments

  • Improve the general condition
  • Increase resilience
  • Have an effect on the skin, nervous and lymphatic systems, joints, and tendons
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Strengthen health
  • Boost performance
Massages & treatments | Boutique Spa | 5* DasPosthotel
Massages & treatments | Boutique Spa | 5* DasPosthotel

Other relaxing


Treat yourself to something special: when it comes to cosmetics, we pamper you at a master level, and our massages are perfectly tailored to body and mind. Create your own wellness program with treatments, applications, resting in the relaxation rooms or in the small but exquisite garden, and refreshing yourself in the pool.


Massages and treatments

Opening times & reservations

Massages and cosmetics by individual appointment

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+43 5282 2236 | or at the reception desk.


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