Individual wellness treatments only for you Private Spa in your suite

Enjoy a magnificent private spa treatment in the cozy atmosphere of your own suite. Here you will find individual treatment offers at a glance: 

Foot massage


Our feet often get neglected. They support us on active days in splendid nature. After skiing or hiking in the beautiful Zillertal, there is nothing more wonderful than recharging your batteries and letting yourself be pampered with a soothing foot massage.

20 minutes treatment time, € 49

Ion detox foot bath


Detoxify your body with the help of an ion detox foot bath. An electrophysical procedure in which water is highly ionized stimulates lymph flow and circulation so that toxins can be easily removed and acidification of the body reduced. A splendid experience that provides deep relaxation!

40 minutes treatment time, € 72

Manicure and nail polish


Nourishing and pampering treatment for the hands. A hand bath pampers the skin and the peel that follows renews it. Nails will be cut and shaped according to your wishes, and the cuticles will be treated. With the application of relaxing cream, we achieve a well-manicured appearance.

50 minutes treatment time, € 78

Additional service: Application of nail polish

Selection of your individual favorite color

10 minutes treatment time, € 15

Ear candling treatment and facial lymph drainage


This is a draining and cleansing treatment for the ears and nasal cavity. It is especially beneficial for blockages and congestion in the facial area. Take a deep breath!

50 minutes treatment time, € 98