Hotel with pool Indoor access for outdoor swimming


We have a real gem in the middle of our garden: our swimming pool harmoniously combines aesthetic and function.


Made of stainless steel and heated by solar power, it guarantees year-round, carefree enjoyment. Especially in the snow-covered garden, swimming in our outdoor pool is a thrilling experience.


With indoor access in the heated area, you can swim out into the fresh air.


In the warm months, comfortable loungers invite you to soak up the sun. After swimming, our service staff will be happy to serve you small refreshments and snacks. With the cozy seating in the garden, a cappuccino tastes twice as good.

Opening times of the hotel pool:


Summer: 07:00 am to 8:00 pm (25 °C – 28 °C)
Winter: 02:00 pm to 07:00 pm (33 °C)


Did you know that ...


burning fat by regular swimming regulates cholesterol levels, the activation of the leg muscles supports the transport of blood to the heart, and the function of the venous valves is improved? Through the use of all the body's muscles, blood sugar levels are lowered. Tension is also relieved by the gentle pressure of the water.