Massages & Beauty A massage can work wonders ...

Treatments in our Boutique SPA

Beauty is an expression of holistic well-being. Allow yourself some time to nurture, invigorate and rejuvenate mind, body and soul. Our body treatments are complemented by plant-based active ingredients, traditional methods of application and massage techniques that lead to intense, long-lasting results.

Our massages and wellness treatments

  • improve your overall condition
  • improve your immune system
  • improve your skin, neurological and
    lymphatic systems, joints and tendons
  • increase blood circulation 
  • improve your health
  • improve physical performance

Massages & Body treatments

ZillerSeasons Signature Treatments

The ZillerSeasons Zirben (Pine Cones)

80 min € 120,00
Pine cones have been an essential part of the Alpine culture for centuries because of its positive effect on the cardiovascular system. The pleasant woody fragrance of the pine oils soothes our heartbeat, organisms can regenerate, ensuring total relaxation and helping eliminate sleep disorders. Guests choose the intensity of the treatment.

The ZillerSeasons HoneyMassage

80 min € 120,00
The „Gold“ of the Alps – is our natural mountain honey, rich in minerals and vitamins, moisturising and refining the skin. Through a special massage technique, your skin is increasingly soothed, purified and detoxified. The combination of honey oil and massage is a treat for all massage lovers. Not recommended for guests with a lot of body hair!

The ZillerSeasons Bergkristall (Mountain Crystals) Massage

80 min € 120,00
Sparkling mountain crystals have been attracting guests for centuries, the crystals energize and harmonize the body, mind and soul. Crystals intensify positive spiritual energies throughout your body. Enjoy this relaxing massage with warm mountain crystals in combination with Arnica oil ensuring deep relaxation and new energy.

Classical ZillerSeasons Massages


Part body massage (back, legs or arms: 25 min € 45,00
Full body massage: 50 min € 70,00
Classic massage with heated oils


Head and neck: 25 min € 40,00
Complete: 50 min € 70,00 (including 5 min rest time)
A combination of massage techniques work especially in the back, shoulder, head and neck area where stress, sleep disorders and problems manifest.


75 min € 110,00
Ideal after a busy day on the mountain! Hot compresses and a tonic are used to stimulate the blood circulation, activating your metabolism.

Foot Reflexology

25 min € 40,00
With a special pressure point technique, the foot reflex zones are stimulated. Stimulating the blood circulation on the reflexology points and corresponding body zones and organs. Tensions are reduced and the immune system is activated.

Combined treatments

Ear candle treatment including lymph drainage

50 min. € 80,00
A perfect cleansing treatment for the ear and sinus tract, particularly helpful for congestion areas of the face and to relieve stress.


50 min. € 76,00
The Vital-combi massage consists of an intensive back massage followed by a foot reflexology massage, fully revitalizing your body leaving you totally relaxed.


Hawaiian Massage Lomi Lomi Nui

For teenagers (11-16 years): 50 min € 110,00
(incl. 5 min rest period after)
Lomi Lomi Nui: 80 min € 145,00 
(incl. 5 min rest period after)
The traditional Hawaiian body massage stimulates the deep layers of tissue and muscles, where the physical and emotional tensions can be found. Long extending massage strokes over your whole body, relax your muscles, bringing harmonization and positive energy flow throughout your body. A complete relaxation of body and soul using pure organic coconut oil.

Hot Stone Treatment

50 min € 75,00 (inkl. 5 min Nachruhezeit)
The Hot Stone treatment is a fascinating combination of massage and use of warm stones which are placed on points over your body, energetically balancing your mind and body. Localized heat and weight of the stones can improve circulation and warm tense muscles, allowing your therapist to work the deeper muscles using lighter pressure. As well as reducing stress, it helps to release toxins, improving the immune defences and circulation throughout your body, promoting overall health.

Further treatments


After a short preliminary talk, our physiotherapist will conduct an individual treatment tailored to your needs.
Small: 25 min. € 40,00
Big: 50 min. € 80,00

Trigger Point treatment

25 min. € 40,00
Trigger Points are the pain points in the muscles that, among other things, may cause discomfort. Through intensive, selective pressure treatment, the muscles are relaxed by increased blood and supplied nutrients, helping relieve pain and discomfort.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

50 min. (beide Beine oder größere Regionen) € 68,00
Lymph drainage is mainly performed after operations and injuries, particularly where there is a lot of fluid or swelling. Gentle massage techniques on the upper layer of the skin, stimulates lymph flow which helps to purify the problem area.

Further offers of our boutique hotel

Cosmetics & beauty treatments

Natural Beauty according to Team Dr. Joseph

Small facial treatment

50 min. € 117,00
A short deep cleansing treatment for a clear, fresh skin feeling, includes exfoliation, deep cleansing, active ingredient concentrate and mask.

Susanne Kaufmann facial Massage

25 min. € 40,00 ( including a concentrate of nutrients)

Facial lymph drainage

25 min. € 35,00
Massage technique for swelling in the face, dark eye rings and for detoxifying the face.

Complete facial treatment

80 min. € 137,00
An extremely efficient treatment specially personalised to your skin condition, with intensive active ingredients and relaxing massage techniques. Cleansing, peeling and deep cleansing with steaming, including an active ingredient, facial lymph drainage, facial massage, mask, and finishing touches.

Anti-aging intensive treatment

50 min. € 117,00
A synergy of highly effective power active ingredients and targeted massage techniques, resulting in visibly relaxed and streamlined facial features. Perfect for skin preservation for the over 25 year olds.

Bookable in addition to your facial
treatment you can add any of the following:

Eyebrow dyeing or eyebrow shaping € 25,00
Eyebrow dyeing and eyebrow shaping € 30,00
Dye eyelashes € 25,00
Eye contour Complete € 40,00
Hair removal for individual parts of the face € 15,00

Hand and Feet Treatments

Classic manicure with hand massage

ca 50 min € 45.00
Nail trimming, shaping, polishing, as well as cuticle and hand massage

Royal hand treatment 

ca 70 min € 75.00
Classic manicure, hand peel and wrap with active ingredients, hand and forearm massage

Foot bath with foot and calf massage

ca 25 min € 25.00

Cosmetic pedicure with foot massage

ca 50 min € 60.00
Foot bath, nail trimming, shaping, polishing, removal of calluses and cuticles, as well as foot massage

Royal foot treatment

ca 70 min € 75.00
Cosmetic pedicure, foot peel and wrap with active ingredients, foot and calf massage

Bookable in addition to your hand and foot treatment:

application of nail polish after your treatment € 10.00

Natural Beauty for Men by Ebenholz

Cleansing Facial Treatment for Men

50 min. € 117,00
Short deep cleansing treatment for a clear, fresh feeling skin. Includes facial scrub, deep cleansing, with concentrated active ingredients and mask.

Bookable in addition to your facial treatments: Eyebrow shaping
€ 10,00

Facial Treatment for refined men’s skin

80 min. € 137,00
Complete facial care with cleansing, facial scrub and deep cleansing under steam, facial massage with concentrated active ingredients and mask. We will also pamper you with a relaxing neck massage!

Refreshing foot treatment for a well-pedicured man

50 min. € 60,00
Refreshing foot bath, nail trimming, removal of cuticles and hard skin, as well as a short foot reflexology massage.

Body Treatment according to Pino

Anti-cellulite Treatment

50 min. € 68,00
A deep-acting tissue massage with firming massage oil and a range of special wraps helping with problem areas, helping you on your way to your dream figure. Whilst your wrap is taking effect enjoy an individual relaxing massage.

PH-balanced leg wrap

25 min. € 60,00
This leg wrap brings your pH-balance back to normal. Highly recommended for blemished skin, digestive problems, tiredness and any immune system weakness.

Full Body Pack

Nourishing ingredients make this treatment a true fountain of youth, perfect for dry skin in need of regeneration. Starting with a 25 minute body brush massage, this stimulates the circulation, removing dead skin cells, strengthening and tightening the skin. Whilst the pack is taking effect, enjoy an individual relaxing massage!

Pack: 25 min. € 35,00
Brush massage and pack: 50 min. € 68,00

Treatments for our little guests

Harmonic Children‘s Massage (5-10 years)

25 min. € 30,00
We will also be happy to pamper your little treasure with a gentle full body massage.

Beauty for small Princesses (5-10 years)

25 min. € 100,00
Gentle face care and manicure with glitter nail varnish making every little one into a princess. A touch of lip gloss making the treatment perfect.

Ipad Massage for teenagers (11-16 years)

25 min. € 30,00
Due to the lack of exercise, school stress and too much time on computers, Ipads and phones. Tensions can be found in the back, neck and arms. This massage targets these problem areas, gently relieving stress and discomfort.

Teen Facial Treatment (11-16 years)

50 min. € 110,00
Teenage years is pure stress for young skin. Hormonal changes and unhealthy diet often causes skin impurities. This natural and gentle treatment can be helpful.

Wellness Holiday Packages

Save 10% compared to making a single booking!

Pure Beauty

€ 298,00 (split into several sessions)

  • RelaxationMassage: 50 min.
  • Anti-aging facial treatment: 50 min.
  • Complete eye area or day make-up – you decide: ca. 40 min.
  • Classic manicure with hand Massage: 40 min.
  • Cosmetic pedicure with foot Massage: 40 min.
Active & Healthy

€ 275,00 (auf mehrere Sitzungen aufzuteile

  • SportsMassage: 75 min.
  • Vital-combi Massage: 50 min.
  • Cosmetic pedicure with foot Massage: 40 min.
  • pH-balanced leg wrap: 25 min.
Fit 4 Baby

€ 226,00 (split into several sessions)

  • Cosmetic pedicure with foot Massage: 40 min
  • Small facial treatment: 50 min
  • JetlegMassage: 25 min
  • Full body pack especially for the baby bump: 25 min
Short Time-out

€ 108,00 (can be booked under one time)

  • RelaxationMassage: 25 min
  • Full body Pack: 25 min
  • Facial massage with concentrated nutrients: 25 min