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A good sleep is the best for of relaxation. For this reason, your favorite pillow will be served to your room upon request! Choose your favorite from the following high-quality pillows and enjoy the benefits!

Rental fee per pillow and stay: € 5.00

Pillow assortment

Energizing pillow

The pillow for sleep...

...a source of renewed energy.
Oats, horsetail, and mint. Perfect for stressed workaholics and power napping.

Is your everyday life demanding and you always give 110%? Constantly under a lot of pressure? Sleep is the time to replenish your energy reserves whether it's a good night's sleep, a nap, or a break from work. These energizing herbs will support you in this. 

This natural pillow is enriched with buckwheat, millet, spelt, mint, oats, and horsetail. Thanks to the strengthening effect of these wonderful herbs, sleep will become a source of regeneration and regained strength. Harmonizing natural herbs such as mint support the body so that you wake up refreshed and full of energy.  

Source: Himmelgrün

Herbal sleep pillow

Subtle but effective

For this pillow, great importance was placed on the use of 100% pure, organic spelt husks with an Austrian organic certificate. The very best sleeping herbs are added in a perfect mixture ratio to support well-balanced sleep.   

Lemon balm, hop cones, and harmonizing lavender promote a proper sleep rhythm with their beneficial effect. Deeply rooted in folk medicine, lemon balm and lavender calm the entire body. The head and neck are ideally supported thanks to the valuable organic spelt since the natural pillow perfectly adapts to the smallest movements. The spelt gives off a gentle scent of grain and can relieve tension. St. Hildegard of Bingen has already reported of the beneficial effects of this ancient grain. 

Source: Himmelgrün

Pine-spelt pillow

High-quality pine wood flakes

Pine wood flakes from Austria for relaxation of the mind, body, and soul. 

This pillow adapts to every movement and always perfectly supports the spine orthopedically. These pillows are breathable and thus ideally suited to combat night sweats thanks to the organic millet husks. In an optimally tested mixture ratio, the pine wood flakes continually release a wonderfully subtle aroma due to the friction of the husks.   

With great delicacy, the pine calms the entire body and promotes a deep sleep. Its pleasant aroma relaxes the mind, body, and soul. Many people report that the scent of pine has a personal, positive effect on the cardiovascular system. These pine pillows come from PEFC-certified wood suppliers. Also, no artificial scent is added to the pine shavings. In this way, its rich and natural effect can fully unfold. This is a delight for us, the region, and the earth.  

Source: Himmelgrün

7-herb pillow

Feel-good factor

Millet husks, select calming herbs, lavender, hops, bee balm, rosehip, marigold, and hedge nettle.   

This 7-herb mixture is carefully composed of magnificent sleep-promoting herbs of pharmaceutical quality: did you know that hops belong to the hemp family? Himmelgrün uses only female cones, which have calming and antibacterial properties due to their special bitter substances.    

NEW with valuable rosehip seeds: antispasmodic, pain and itch-relieving, deacidifying, beneficial for rheumatic ailments
Lavender: its calming effect in times of sensory overload made lavender the medicinal plant of the year in 2008. Its calming effect on children is also worth mentioning. 

Lemon balm: the essential oils of lemon balm leaves can have a positive effect on the natural sleep rhythm and sleep phases:
Tip: drink lemon balm tea as a gentle sleep aid.

St. John's wort is the most important herbal antidepressant. It harnesses the power of the sun and has the power to brighten people's disposition and provides relief for nervousness, insomnia, anxiety, headaches, and migraines. 

Marigold blossoms have a beneficial effect on the joints. 

Hedge nettle, the "dream herb" of St. Hildegard, is helpful for bad dreams and restless sleep. 

Hay flowers: extremely helpful in cases of exhaustion and tiredness. 

Source: Himmelgrün

Mountain herb pillow

Top-quality pillows

Herbs from local wild growth in the Alps that act as fuel for those in need of revitalization with thyme, marigold, mountain arnica, dandelion, and horsetail. With sage to combat night sweats.

Filled with organic spelt husks and enriched with a powerful mixture of wild herbs from the local Alps. These herbs recharge the batteries of those who would like to get a good night's sleep in order to face the challenges of everyday life. Mountain herb mixture: oat herb, wild thyme, marigold, and mountain arnica as well as dandelion roots and horsetail. NEW: sage to combat night sweats, the blossoms of elderberry bush as a source of strength, and refreshing mint that promotes concentration for morning grouches! 

These herbs thrive high up on the mountain. Here, where the sun is the most intense, the wind caresses the plants, and the high-altitude climate bestows the power of resilience. To his beloved ones, the Lord giveth sleep! 

Source: Himmelgrün

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